5 Mar

3/5/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With mates Tom and Bert along with 24 eager anglers the ride out was slowed by a strong tide but the ospreys and dolphins put on a show to help pass the time. It turned out to be well worth Read More →
2 Mar

3/2/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With 19 Passengers aboard Tom and Bert had plenty to do to keep busy with our anglers boating in excess of 350 Grunts, a bunch of Black Sea Bass and 4 throw back Gag Grouper. It was a beautiful day Read More →
28 Feb

2/27/21 18HR East of 20 Fathoms

Captains Jerry and Garrett took our anglers on a smooth ride out into the Gulf in picture perfect weather. The bite was a little tough on this trip but our anglers still managed to hook up some nice Mango and Read More →
28 Feb

2/28/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With mates Joe and Bert our anglers enjoyed a wildlife filled, slightly breezy calm cruise out to the fishing grounds. Though it was a slow pick our anglers hooked up with some nice sized Grunts, Black Sea Bass, a bunch of Puffer Read More →
27 Feb

2/26/21 18HR East of 20 Fathoms

Captain Garrett and Jerry with 10 passengers aboard headed out to the fishing grounds with beautiful clear skies, a light breeze and calm seas. With a bright full moon above our anglers hauled in 40+ 2-4lb Mangrove Snappers  including the Jackpot Read More →
27 Feb

2/27/21 Half Day Fishing Trip

With mates Tom and Bert on deck entertaining our 22 passengers with fun fishing sites and facts, it was a nice smooth ride out to the fishing grounds. It was a very slow start to the day but the bite soon became HOT and by the Read More →