Please keep in mind, in order to rent or loan a rod and/or reel from us, you will need to sign a contract. Below we included various fees that will need to be paid, in case of damage to rented and/or loaned rods and reels. 

Flat Rates:
2 DAY FLAT RATE-Electric Rod

(50 Hrs. or Less)

3 DAY FLAT RATE- Electric Rod

(72 Hrs. or More)


Manual Rod Loaners: (Keep in mind, you will still need to sign a contract)

  • Included in trip price.
  • Includes monofilament line only.

Electric Rental (3 DAY RENTAL) Includes (Rental Flat Rate $175 + Tackle $102)

  • 1 300yd extra spool of line ( 80lb test braid)- ($60)
  • 12lbs of sinkers and storage box – ($36 sinkers + $6 box)
  • Fully Charged 12V portable battery

(Spool of Line and Sinker Box with Storage Box are NON-REFUNDABLE)


Fees for damaged rod and/or reel rental parts:
Lost Rod and Reel (Electric) $1,000.00
Lost Rod and Reel (Manual) $475.00
Broken Rod (Electric) $300.00
Broken Rod (Manual) $100.00
Broken Handle $150.00
Broken Lever $45.00
Lost Line 20¢ per yard
Damaged Power Cable $75.00
Damaged or Lost Battery $75.00

If you need to rent or loan a rod and/or reel for your trip, please call us at 727-938-5300 for more information, and for the office to email you a ROD AND/OR REEL RENTAL/LOANER CONTRACT to sign BEFORE your trips departure.