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Gulf of Mexico Half Day Fishing

Half day fishing $75.88 + tax for  Adults and $45.51 + tax for Children 11 yrs. and younger.
All Sundance 1/2 day trips depart @11am. Book online or Call to reserve 727-938-5300. Reservations are REQUIRED to Board.


6/9/23 44 Hour Red Snapper Trip

    This Red Snapper trip left the dock on 6/9/23 at 10pm. Once again, the weather was wonderful. The seas were calm at only 1ft or less, and we were all very happy that continued throughout the trip. We started fishing a little after sunrise. The first spot was pretty good, it produced some nice Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper (aka Mango) and some Gags that had to go back (sadly) and some very pretty Creole fish. We were off to a good start! The next few spots provided some interesting variety, Hogfish, Sand Tilefish, Mangos, Yellowtail Snapper and some big Red Snapper. The afternoon bite seemed to be a little bit more difficult. Even though we had a fairly consistent bite with a variety of species, Strawberry Grouper, Rock Hind, Vermilion Snapper (B-liners), Hogfish, Mangos and Red Grouper. The Red Snapper had stopped chewing, but we were still getting coolers filled up with a wonderful variety of fish. The next location was a wreck in about 150 ft of water, shortly after stopping it total was Red Snapper mayhem. Everyone’s rod on the boat was doubled over with large Red Snapper! That spot really made the trip, there were […]

6/5/23 44 Hour Red Snapper Trip Report

These trips leave the dock at 10pm and it was setting up to a beautiful voyage. The weather was wonderful. We had close to a full moon and only about 2 ft seas.We traveled around 75 miles out to the first spot, getting there at approximately 7am. Everyone was excited and ready to go. The first drop was a little slow, yet we picked off a few American Red Snapper. After that the next few drops the bite began to pick up. They produced many nice Red Snapper as well as some very nice Mangrove Snapper (Mangos), a beautiful Scamp grouper and some big Triggerfish. Unfortunately those were out of season. I continued to work my way northwest and stopped on a rock that just went crazy. The Vermilion Snapper (Bealiners) were huge and plentiful, we also got a big Mutton Snapper and some Yellowtail Snapper and Gag Grouper (also out of season). Then one of the customers "Dave" hooked into something massive, and that fish took him completely around the boat to the spot he started in. It was a long tug of war battle but he did great and landed an Amberjack that was well over 100lb! So […]

18 Hour Night Snapper Hunt 5/12

    We got everyone loaded up and set out around 6pm. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a beautiful ride out the river, seeing all the fantastic wildlife. That was followed by watching a stunning sunset at sea. Everything was shaping up for an amazing night. Around 10pm we arrived at the first spot for the night. I spun around a few times and found some good looking action on the sonar / fishfinder. Set the anchor in position and within minutes the fish started to bite. Nice Mangrove Snappers (Mangos), Vermilion Snapper (B-liners) and Lane Snapper were coming up all around the boat, there were also some keeper Red Grouper in the mix. A few Red Snapper had to be released as well. The next stop was over a ship wreck, there we got into some more nice Mangos, Lanes, Yellowtail Snappers and B-liners. Then the large Red Snapper started taking over, it is always delightful to see them yet it is a few weeks away from the season opening so it was time to move on. The next few stops were on fire as well, the large Mangos continued to be caught and lots of Yellowtails […]

Recent Fishing Reports

The Gulfstar Mission Statement

The Gulfstar and her crew have been fishing multi-day deepwater offshore trips from Tarpon springs since 2006. Our original concept was to offer a charter boat experience without having the expense of chartering the whole boat by yourself. We pioneered the all-inclusive no nickel and dime pricing that many savvy anglers have come to love. We don’t pile 50 people on the boat while fishing the Middle Grounds. We don’t pile 20 people on while attempting to deep drop fish at Pulley Ridge. We don’t charge extra for meals, drinks, stern spots, parking, live bait, fish cleaning, Tackle, even ice!!!! some boats are actually charging for ice. I’m sure by now you get the point! We charge more upfront, take fewer passengers, give great service and we don’t nickel and dime you before, during, or after the trip. When you deep drop with 10-12 fisherman in up to 1400 feet of water you catch quality fish (like the awesome fish pictured on this page) and not catch each other in massive tangles. When you fish the Red Snapper season with 19 passengers instead of 50 passengers you fish with plenty of room to spare at the rail not only is the trip more enjoyable but you catch more fish. Bottom line: read the small print… look at all of the associated costs with head boats that fish offshore and compare them to our split charter all-inclusive no nickel and dime pricing. If you want to hit the easy button and are willing to pay a little bit more for small crowds, great service, and fantastic fishing on a 65′ charter boat, the Gulfstar is for you.

Multi-day and 18 hour Trips

We specialize in catching deepwater Grouper and Snapper on 3 and 4 day long range Pulley Ridge and beyond multi-day deep drop fishing trips.

When we are not hunting the deepwater of the Gulf we are fishing the “Florida Middle Grounds” and Elbow on two day trips. The Middle grounds and the elbow produce a huge variety of grouper, snapper and tons of other reef fish as well as pelagic fish such as black-fin tuna, king mackerel, and Wahoo.