12 Hour Fishing Report 3/5/2024


This 12 hour trip leaves the dock at 7:00. After a quick stop to pick up our bait traps we had about a 2 hour ride to the first stop. The weather was overcast yet the sea’s were calm and it was looking like it was going to be a great fishing day.


We were not disappointed! IOn the first stop the Hogfish were on fire! There were also nice Gags coming over the rail (unfortunately the season is closed). The other smaller reef fish were very hungry as well, Grunts, Porgies and Gray Snapper (Mangos).


The next few stops were very much the same, there was no lack of action. Everyone on the boat was catching fish as fast as it hit the bottom. Besides the regular species some Yellowtail and Lane Snapper joined the party.


All the customers were treated to some real fun on the next couple of drops. There were several schools of Greater Amberjacks that were happy to bend their rods. Once again, they were out of season so they were all returned unharmed. We were also lucky enough to see some true Strawberry Grouper (so tasty)!


It was another fantastic trip aboard the Gulfstar, everyone went home with lots of fish and some fantastic memories!


Tight lines and good times!

Capt. Ché 

Gulfstar Fishing