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I want to let you know that I am very impressed with the operation of the Gulfstar Team from the front office to the crew on deck. It was one of those rare situations where all my expectations were exceeded.
The crew shined ! They were all most patient,willing to help beyond call of duty. Look forward to coming on board again.

Alan Bender


Just returned from this trip and want to say it was rough and we all got beat up (including the crew). It was my 1st time out on your boat and I want to give my high recommendation to your crew. Ryan, Shane, Joanne and (especially Capt. Ron) went above and beyond to make us comfortable and take care of everything we needed. I will recommend your trip to others and hope to do it again one day.

Best regards,

Dewey Steele

Capt Rich, I am way overdue to give you all a ” testimonial “, so here goes……………
I have been going fishing on the Gulfstar exclusively since 2007. My first trip
had me hooked. I had never experienced anything like it. I was used to going
on day trips out of Ft. Myers, and I seemed to be just getting started when it
was time to go back in. Well, that has not happened on the Gulfstar. I have
caught more fish, more variety of fish, and more big fish than I had ever
had imagined. I have been going on  6 to 8 trips a year from April through October
every year since then. It is an experience for all the senses. The sea air, the sunrises
and sunsets, the new people and the regulars, the food, and of course the crew.
I know several of the regular fish-hounds and the crew pretty well. I want to talk
about the crew.  Captains, Rich, Jerry and Mitch work really hard to put us on the fish.
I always joke that Captain Jerry is part fish. The mates have taught me how to rig, bait,
and catch fish. Over the years, I have learned to do all my rigs and am pretty good
at catching fish if I do say so myself. They are always helpful and I have seen them go
way beyond the call to help people. All the cooks are very good, a couple even help
out on deck. If you do not get enough to eat, it’s your own fault. The food is not just
simple stuff like sandwiches and chips for instance. They have a full menu of hot
food, snacks, water, and soda to boot. Recently, Captain Rich has been offering
deep water, long range trips to Pulley Ridge and beyond. These trips add a whole
new dimension to offshore angling. You have to be there to believe it. Booking could
not be easier with the new website. Of course, you can always call the office to set up
trips way in advance. I highly recommend this as they often are booked quickly. Over
all, this is the best and only outfit I fish with or will ever fish with for that matter, and I
heartily recommend the Gulfstar to anyone wanting the penultimate offshore experience.
Trust me, you really have to be there to believe it. Thanks for everything you all do
Sincerely,  Carlos Boetticher.

Captain Rich

My brother-in-law and I had taken a half day fishing trip on the Gulfstar. It was a beautiful day, and the anticipation was high. Captain Joy along with James and Jason made it a day which exceeded our expectations. The crew looked good in their bikini tops, but not to distract us from fishing, only to stay comfortable in the hot Florida sun! We caught many grunt-snapper and red grouper. I would like to thank the crew for their excellent service. Also, the other customers there made it quite entertaining. I for one, as well as my brother-in-law, will for sure return. I recommend if you are ever in the area to hop aboard, and “Let’s go fishing.” 

Sincere thanks, 

Tight lines
Captain Roy


Capt. Rich,

I just wanted to thank you again for a great trip! It was everything I hoped and more. You and the crew were professional, helpful and always accommodating.  Even the detour to Port Fourchon was fun.  I brought back enough fish that I will be supplying food for my fishing club picnic this weekend. Club members are already asking me to tell them when there will be another similar trip. I hope that you can put a trip like this together next summer. If so, I will be on it.

 Thanks again,

 Eric Griggs


12 hour Aug 15 2013
Absolutely the best trip I ever had .

Reading through past testimonials… I’m must agree with all that has been said about the crew.
Attentive, friendly and just great down to earth people.
just talking with them made me want to book a multi day trip..  I can hang with them .

What made the trip better than the rest…. is the fact that I felt and was treated like a friend.
Food was great…. going to marry your cook.
Plenty of   water for the hot Florida sun
And the 3 keeper grouper was the icing on the cake!

Heinz.   Tarpon Springs


I was on the 7.26.2013 two day trip with you guys. Best fishing trip ever. Will be back next year

Lawrence Humphries


I have to say about all your mates and, if my memory serves me right, Joanne in the galley, are the BEST crew I have ever come across in my years of fishing on party boats. The mates were extremley efficient, were right there when you needed them, courteous and very pleasant. I live in NJ, but my cousin lives in Florida, so he recommended your boat to me, we were both very impressed by you and your crew, we will for sure be back again.
Thank you for a wonderful experience
Sandy Lemlein


March 31,2013

Good evening Captain,
I just wanted to commend your workers on a fantastic day for my 17 yr old and my husband. They clearly just had one of the best days of their lives. Thanks so much!!!  Captain Mitch was their captain today according to their slip.
Thanks again,

Sent from Kim’s iPhone

One in a Million!!!!!!


Just want to drop you a note. We had the pleasure of fishing with you today 3/8/13. My wife and brother had a wonderful time. Fishing was “GREAT” my wife (Cathy Evans) caught 12 fish. Me and my brother (Tom Collins and Rich Collins) caught 10 between us. You should be proud of your crew. We have gone on many Party Fishing boats from here to New Hampshire. By far your crew was the best. I certainly will tell all my friends that “GULF STAR FISHING” is the best.Thank You Again
Tom Collins
Cathy Evans
and Rich Collins



This was by far the most exhilarating and memorable fishing trip that I have ever experienced in my life. You and the crew members made it very special with your courteous kindness and expertise. I will most definitely recommend this wonderful  outing on the Viking  Gulfstar to anyone that is looking for an experience of a lifetime. The other people on the boat were so nice and kind that I wish I would of asked for their e-mail address. I sent you 2 pictures so you can choose to use one of them if you would like to. Please feel free to give out my e-mail if someone wants to ask me about my experience. Well have to go now and shovel off my deck as its hard to keep up with the snow in Maine.
Thanks Again,



Capt. Rich,

First off, wanted to send you this email to thank you and the crew of the Gulfstar for an amazing trip on this last full moon snapper/scamp hunt. It was my first time on the boat, and I can honestly say, I can not wait to go back. I have fished out of west central Florida my whole life, and I can honestly say that you all have one of the best grouper/snapper for hire boats that I have ever been on. That being said, I am anxious to get back out. I was wondering if you all are going to do any overnight trips between now and the April 5 trip, I know that there isn’t any scheduled but I thought I’d ask because you all canceled the one this past weekend. Regardless of whether a trip is planned between now and then, I will more than likely be on the April trip and I look forward to seeing everyone then.
Have a nice day and thanks again for the wonderful trip!
Michael Tomaino


Capt. Rich,
My brother and I enjoyed a great trip on a perfect 12 hour grouper trip on 1/16/13.
Capt. Mitch did a great job of finding the fish. We caught 3 each keeper red grouper and tossed back another 5 keeper gags. Capt. Mitch then guided us to his favorite amberjack wreck where we all caught some AJ’s plus many huge grey snapper. Great trip and many thanks as we will be back.
Bill & Mike



Thank you for a wonderful trip on the Gulfstar.  My father, uncle and I had a wonderful time and have been enjoying our catch.  I was very appreciative of the way the crew catered to my father as he is dealing with his disability.  It really meant a lot to all of us that we were so wonderfully taken care of.  I know Mark had taken the time to pre-cut his bait for him and both him and Alan were very helpful in getting his fish off the hook.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and God willing will be able to take another trip with the Gulfstar.  Attached is your photo, I hope you enjoyed it all as much as we did.



Posted by: Snaphappy
On: 08-17-2011 08:12 PM

It really was a fun trip.  I had my snapper, red grouper and AJ limit by noon on saturday.  I caught most my RG and and five or six AJ’s on a little freestyle jig even caught a couple mango’s and a nice scamp on it. The big yellowtails Saturday evening were cool my best was over 6 lbs a personal best for sure.  Alan’s Hogzilla was a beast!   Add some big B-liners and a bunch of ARS and big gags released and its no wonder we were all tired of fishing by 2:30 am sunday morning.  Nice treat getting back to the dock a little early.
Looking forward to doing it again.

All the best,
Florida Sportsman Forums

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to thank you again for the great fishing trip. We had a great time, and at 12 years old, Elijah was thrilled to catch so many large fish. We thoroughly enjoyed the 3 meals, catching fish like crazy, and even the guys quickly cleaning the fish at the dock so we could go home with grouper fillets. It was the best fishing trip we’ve ever been on. Thank you also to Capt’n Rich who never let us sit at a hole that wasn’t biting for longer than 2 minutes before moving to the next spot.

Best regards,

Rich Mason

Alpha Fiber, Inc.



Hello Captain, I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you . We had a group of 7 on this trip and we all had a great time. For me personally it was an experience I had wanted to see for many years . The trip was fantastic, all the crew members , from yourself to Libby in the galley were absolutely fantastic! The mates were hard working and knowledgeable, and Capt. George was great to lend experience and a helping hand when I hooked that massive amberjack. This was my first deep sea trip ever and its definately not going to be my last   See ya soon! Scott


Cap’t Rich you have put together a fantastic fishing agenda. Would like to say special thanks to capt George for his patience and sharing of his vast fishing knowledge. Miss Libby totally outdid herself for my brother and myself. Cant wait to get back! Sincerely Richard


Waiting for pics from the June 29 thru July 1st. Trip thank you we had the best fishing trip ever!     Clenton Coleman


Captain Rich,
Just wanted to express my gratitude and thank you and your staff for a kickass Middle Grounds/Elbow trip this past weekend. The boat load of memories and fishing on the Gulfstar are second to none. This all would not be possible without your staff.. starting with your office, Mellissa and Libby always polite and fun to talk too, The mates hard work and helping hand never go unnoticed, especially Jeff.
The captains.. I don’t think you could ask for a better set. Captain Jeff always puts the boat on spot, persistent in his efforts to find the fish and never lets down until the fish start hitting the deck.. Captain George worth the weight in gold, a wealth of fishing knowledge, always willing to help and offer GREAT advice. Paul, while fishing next to him he also offered great advice, not to mention he always serves up the best meals and always shares a good laugh.
This operation can’t be beat. I want you to know that you have a customer for life.. I truly hope you guys continue to run this operation for many years to come so one day my daughter, her future kids, and their kids can experience what I do on these trips.. job well done and I look forward to my next trip soon!!!   Ibrahim Dahdal



Capt. Rich,This is long over due.Wanted to say thanks to you and the crew of the Gulfstar,for the Swordfish trip on August 31,2012.I know a fishing trip after a major storm is a crap shoot,are the fish going to be there will they be chewing.Should we go or cancel the trip,alot of questions one ask’s themselves.I am glad we went on the trip,that trip was a good trip,I know you wanted to put more fish in the box then what we did.But,to see a captain work as hard as you did to put fish in the boat means more to me than if we had slammed the fish.Don’t get me wrong we caught some good fish on that trip,but the fish were not there like they normally would have been.A few weeks later,those same spots we would have slammed them.It meant more to me to see a captain that worked so hard to put fish in the boat,I think it bothered you more than us to pull a couple of fish from each spot rather than slamming them.To find a boat and crew that works that hard these days is very hard to find.I have been fishing a long time and have fished from Boston to the Keys up to the Panhandle,and I can tell you there are only 2 other  captains that I have fished with, that have the work ethic that you and the crew of the Gulfstar have.As far as the full package,boat.crew,captain,office staff,there is nobody out there close to what you have done with the Gulfstar.Hands down you have the best thing going as an offshore fishing package.There is no bad trip on the Gulfstar,a slow day of a fluke off day is still better than anyone else’s good day.When,I say an off day,I mean that in a good way there is no bad day or slow day on the Gulfstar,you guys have made it look so easy and your expectation’s for a trip surpass the client’s expectation’s that you hold yourself to a different level than anyone else in the business.For that,I thank you and the Gulfstar family.Gulfstar family sum’s up the way everyone treat’s you,from the front desk,Melissa and Libby are great.They make you feel like family,the crew on the boat are there to do whatever needs to be done,the wheelhouse,whoever is in the house is there to put you on fish and big fish.I know,I have told you this over and over,but what you have is special,I just wish,I was still living down there so,I could go out more often.Keep up the great job,my hats off to you and the crew of the Gulfstar.I hope ,I can get another trip in this year.Thanks once again…

Phil Mcintosh
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