24 Jun

6-24-21 Halfday

NNE 10mph, seas calm. Ran out 4-5 miles today. Didnt catch a whole lot but what we did catch were good quality. Very hot out today.   Captain Tyler. Read More →
20 Jun


SW wind 10-15, seas 2-3, overcast/hazy. With the red tide riding in on the south winds were heading out north of Anclote in hopes of finding cleaner water. Well it ended up paying off, we had a fair haul on Read More →
19 Jun

6-19-21 Half Day Fishing Trip

S wind 5-10 increasing to 10-15, seas 3-4, hazy. Huge red tide kill here! Tons of dead fish just offshore. Weather came in and seems to have helped the red tide push the fish out. Had a real slim catch Read More →
18 Jun


SE wind 5mph, seas calm, overcast. Headed out to the 3 Mile Mark today and made short work of a nice cooler full of fish on three different spots. Fairly calm with seas building up to 1-3′ chop. Caught a Read More →
17 Jun

6-17-21 Halfday

S wind 5-10, seas 1-3′ chop. Heading out of Anclote south cut pushing out to 3 miles. Ended up getting sharked and swallowed by a storm cell yesterday. Ended up with a good diverse catch. Lots of happy people on Read More →
13 Jun

6-13-21 Halfday

West Wind 10-15, seas 2-4 chop. Pretty blowy today heading out of south Anclote cut, the water is all churned up. Had a great day out here, caught lots of different species one of the bigger sea bass I’ve seen. Read More →