30 Jun

6/28/21 30 Fathom ARS

6/28/21 30 Fathom ARS After many trips of combatting high winds and seas, the weather Gods were finally pretty nice to us this trip! Of course, nothing can be perfect when it comes to the weather in Florida so we did have a squall Read More →
26 Jun

6/24/21 30 Fathom ARS

Weather….so let’s be honest, the weather so far this June has been a tough one. These summer squalls have brought some tough winds with them. We did have a couple hours on this trip where the weather was very nice, Read More →
23 Jun

6/21/21 2 day 30 Fathom ARS

Alright let’s see here, we had some “fun” with the weather on this one! Gotta love the weather man!! Throughout the trip we had around 20kts of winds, but with summer comes the summer squalls and one of these bad Read More →
20 Jun

6/19/21 18hr Red Snapper

If the Fishing reports were as good as ours have been recently ALL of the time there may be reason to doubt there accuracy. Well here’s the proof that there is a reason it is called “fishing” and not “catching.” Read More →
20 Jun

6/17/21 30 Fathom Red Snapper

Alrighty then let’s see here if I can accurately describe the weather, simply put… the weather on this trip was very nice at times and not so nice at others. When the wind came up we had about 15-20kt winds Read More →
17 Jun

6/14/21 30 Fathom Red Snapper

Weather on this trip was not the best. Had wind and seas to deal with throughout the trip. During the day it did finally let up and gave us a pretty nice day. We caught plenty of red snapper this trip which Read More →