Beautiful weather greeted the Gulfstar as it headed into the crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico in search of some Tuna. The 1st night saw a decent pick of fish but the much wanted Tuna evaded the dropped lines. After a few moves the elbow’s were bending bringing in some big Mango’s and slob Yellowtails along with B-liners and Porgies. As daylight approached so did the Red Snapper and they were thrown back by the dozens. The grouper were hit or miss but some nice Triggerfish (one a pool winner) Reds and Scamps were picked along with more Vermillon Snapper. The 2nd night was so crazy excellent it only required 1 stop the whole night with our anglers filling their coolers with more molly-whopper Mango’s and Yellowtails and throwing back some nice AJ’s.