4-30-19 40 Fathom EdgesFor the highly anticipated Season Opener Extravaganza, guests and crew enjoyed beautiful blue skies the whole trip, and the first night out was excellent! The area between the Madison Swanson Banks and the Steamboat Lumps is called the ‘Edges,’ and this area is closed off to all bottom fishing (both recreational and commercial) for the first 4 months of the year. It is an 8-10 hour ride out, and the water depth can get as deep as 40 fathoms (240 feet). Captain James reported that they caught a ton of awesome B-Liners and Gray/Mango Snappers with some keeper-sized Red Groupers and a couple of nice Blackfin Tunas. They started offshore early in the morning, and the day bite was reported good. All of the anglers really got a good workout, throwing back several nice Gag Groupers and Red Snappers. They caught several Red Groupers and Scamps as well. The second night was very hot, and the Mangrove Snapper bite was excellent, and they hooked up more Vermillion Snappers and a nice keeper King Mackerel. Anglers also brought in some good sized Triggerfish, Lane Snappers, Graysby, White Grunts, Red Porgies, Rock Hind, and Lesser/Bar Amberjacks. John won both Grouper & Snapper Jackpots. With our 18 Hour North Grounds Trip coming up tomorrow and our Full Moon Queen Snapper Trip right around the bend, we still have a few spots left to snag for some terrific fishing this season!