9 Jun

6/7/19 Gulfstar 2 Day RED SNAPPER Middle Grounds

The 1st night saw some good fishing with only 2 stops made all night. There were plenty of Mango’s, B-liners and Porgies joining some nice Gags in the coolers. Daylight brought a flurry of quality Gag’s and crappy weather kept Read More →
5 Jun

6/3/19 Leroy and the Fish killers New Moon 2 day Kill-A-Thon

The 1st night of this fishing adventure started off terribly slow with our anglers picking some Mango’s and B-liners and a nice Red Grouper on the 1st nite. Trying to get ahead of the sunrise, Capt James steered the boat Read More →
26 May

5/24/19 Gulfstar 2 Day Florida Middle Grounds

The 1st night out saw a good start with the Mango’s and B-liners. It was a slow daytime pick on Red and Scamp Grouper but there were some nice Lanes, Yellowtail and lots of throwback ARS and Triggerfish. The nighttime Read More →
23 May

5/20/19 72hr Gulfstar’s Leviathan Ledge Deep Drop

The 1st day saw a hot bite of Barrelfish with a few Golden Tiles, Blackfin Tunas and “Leviathan” Snapper mixed in. Day 2 started with lots of Blueline Tilefish, Yellowedge Grouper and a heavy Shark presence. Some beautiful Queens and Read More →
16 May

5/16/19 Full Moon Queen Snapper Spawn Expedition

The 1st day started off slow with a ripping current. Finally a few Queen Snapper, Yellowedge Grouper, Blackfin Tuna and a Warsaw made it aboard. Night fishing saw a bunch of lost mystery fish along with some more Blackfins. With Read More →
10 May

5/10/19 Golden Grounds

The first night saw some good fishing with slob Muttons, Yellowtail, Mango and B-liners and some nice Red Grouper mixed in. After steaming further offshore in the morning, the bite started out with few Queens and a couple of Kitty Read More →