30 Nov

11/29/17 12hr Grouper/Snapper Trip

Despite having only 8 passengers signed up for this trip, Capt Rich sent the Gulfstar out with Capt. James at the wheel to do some Grouper digging. Beautiful weather, flat calm seas and a light breeze were on tap for Read More →
30 Nov

11/29/2017 Half Day Fishing Report

Captain Jay, mate Larry and their 16 passengers headed out into the Gulf under near perfect conditions with clear skies, light breezes and 1-2′ seas. The fishing started off slow but the day ended with a slambang of fish including Read More →
26 Nov

11/26/2017 Half Day Fishing Report

Today the Sundance II and it’s 26 passengers were piloted out to the fishing grounds by Capt. Dave and taken well care of by mates Larry and Alicia. Based on the comments I heard as everyone disembarked the boat, the Read More →
25 Nov

11/25/17 12hr Grouper/Snapper Trip Fishing Report

Captains Mitch and Mike took the sold-out Gulfstar out into beautiful conditions on the Gulf of Mexico with clear skies and calm seas. The fishing was pretty awesome too with a steady Gag and Red Grouper bite that produced well Read More →
25 Nov

11/25/2017 Half Day Fishing Report

Capt. Dave’s first solo trip on the Sundance II with 24 passengers was greeted by flat calm seas, crystal blue skies and a light breeze. The picture perfect weather was only surpassed by the nice steady pace of the bite. Read More →
24 Nov

11/24/2017 Half Day Fishing Report

The Sundance II  headed out into a choppy Gulf of Mexico with 22 passengers, Captains Jay and Dave and mates Larry and Alicia. The Grouper bite was hot with our anglers wrangling with more than 2 dozen short Gag and Read More →
22 Nov

11/17/17 52hr Golden Grounds Fishing Report

Longtime Gulfstar Captain, Jerry, joined Capt. Mitch and the crew for this sold out trip. The weather could not have been more beautiful nor the seas any calmer and it stayed that way until the ride home. The picture perfect Read More →
22 Nov

11/22/2017 Half Day Fishing Report

Captains Jay and Dave teamed up for a spectacular day on the Gulf with light breezes, calm seas and an almost sold out boat. The bite was steady and strong through the afternoon with a nice pick of 300+ Key Read More →
22 Nov

11/21/17 Half Day Fishing Report

Capt. Jay and our newest Capt. Dave reports that light breezes and choppy seas greeted the Sundance II and it’s light load of 8 passengers today. Although the bite was on the slow side, our anglers still managed to bring Read More →
22 Nov

11/22/17 12hr Grouper/Snapper

Capt. Mitch and the sold-out Gulfstar were greeted by a light breeze and calm seas as they headed out into the Gulf of Mexico. The bite was off the chain with our anglers landing more than 700 Key West Grunts Read More →