30 Apr

April 30th 12HR “Special Gag Permit” Trip (one per person)

The Grouper were on the hungry side today. Even though the weather was not so cooperative, our bunch of fisherman were kept on their toes.  [Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”thumbnails” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”20″ sort_by=”order” image_column_number=”6″ images_per_page=”12″ image_title=”none” image_enable_page=”0″ thumb_width=”180″ thumb_height=”90″ popup_width=”800″ popup_height=”500″ popup_effect=”random” popup_interval=”3″ Read More →
29 Apr

Epic offshore Fishing April 25th~52HR Golden grounds Trip

WOW…thats the word I would use to sum up this trip…This was one for the books. (give the photo gallery extra time to load)………… [Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”thumbnails” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”17″ sort_by=”order” image_column_number=”6″ images_per_page=”12″ image_title=”none” image_enable_page=”1″ thumb_width=”180″ thumb_height=”90″ popup_width=”800″ popup_height=”500″ popup_effect=”random” popup_interval=”3″ popup_enable_filmstrip=”1″ Read More →
28 Apr

April 28th~1/2 day fishing trip

Pretty day…the weather was lovely for a five hour fishing trip. Lots of sea creatures on the prowl today. The dolphins made Miss lina’s afternoon while she was reading her book, she took some awesome pictures of them playing in Read More →
24 Apr

April 24th~1/2 Day Fishing Trip

Lets start with the passengers..Bob & Bob Selby yet AGAIN! Three days in a row. Talk about loyal happy  customers! There was a bachelor party going on towards the stern. “Chris” will be taking the plunge in May. Congrats by Read More →
23 Apr

April 23rd~ 1/2 day Fishing Trip

The Gulfstar’s  passenger list included many Northerners…were talking ”Nova Scotia” north! Bob and Bob made it out for round two of half day fishing and “Tim” one of our recent long trip jackpot winners was also aboard.   Thirty five Read More →
22 Apr

April 22nd~1/2 Fishing Trip

The Gulfstar has been on a roll..Just getting in yesterday from a 30 HR “kick butt” fishing trip, we turned around and went out on a 5HR excursion and kicked some more butt!!  [Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”slideshow” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”14″ sort_by=”order” slideshow_effect=”random” slideshow_interval=”3″ Read More →