WOW…thats the word I would use to sum up this trip…This was one for the books.

(give the photo gallery extra time to load)…………

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To start, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. “mirror flat” is how Arnold described it. The same Arnold who drove all the way from Atlanta to fish with us. He also commented on the great service and fantastic food. His collection of fish included lots of nice Mangrove Snapper, Amberjack and some decent Scamp.

On that note..let me list the incredible variety of species  that this trip produced…Gag Grouper,Black Grouper (HUGE),Scamp,Strawberry Grouper, Yellowedge Grouper, Yellowmouth Grouper, Kitty Mitchell,  Rockhind, Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Glass Snapper, Lane Snapper, Margate Snapper, Blackfin Tuna, Jolthead Porgie, Pink Porgie, Bar Jack, Amberjack, Jack Crevalle,  Rudderfish, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Lionfish, Rabbit Fish, Golden Tile, Grey Tile Bonita and an eel…whewww!


Captain James made the first stop  in about 160 Feet of water.Here, a steady bite of Mangrove Snapper ensued.  A Black fin tuna caught by Andy and a Bonita were also in the mix.


Tim brought in a mess of Mango’s, a couple of Tilefish and a nice King. This was a trip FULL of “whoppers”!Robert’s Mangrove Snapper was a whopping 13 pounder! Ashe’s Rusty belly Gag was a BEAUTY! And his 19lb Red Snapper he caught was nothing to sneeze at!


Zach seemed to be “the chosen one” today. With a 29lb Yellowedge Grouper and what seems like a record breaking monster size 89lb Black Grouper! I was curious about the bait he used. He told me that he was using a mullet cut in half with a combo of 100 lb test line.


Oh..and there was one incident..A jellyfish attack!..”James” one of our passengers, somehow reeled one in and it got into the spool of his reel which splashed up all over him. He felt the wrath but Joann was quick to save him with her apple cider vinegar remedy! The incident was over and all was right with the world again!


This was one incredible catch and one incredible trip for everyone as well!

Captain Joy