Pretty day…the weather was lovely for a five hour fishing trip. Lots of sea creatures on the prowl today. The dolphins made Miss lina’s afternoon while she was reading her book, she took some awesome pictures of them playing in the wake of the boat.

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Later on, a sea turtle was spotted very close to the boat. It surfaced long enough to get some cool photos. And on the bow of the boat, there was this strange looking entity staring out to sea. Oh, wait a minute..that was Ryan, never mind!


Fishing was exciting today with mass quantities of Grunts and many throw back Red Grouper. Sea bass, Porgie and Trigerfish were some othe types also caught today. The depth of water was right around fourty feet.


Gus & John were aboard with there two buddies having a competition for the largest fish. They ended up with thirty or so Grunts. They were from Astoria, NY..where all the other Greeks live 🙂

Captain Joy