The Grouper were on the hungry side today. Even though the weather was not so cooperative, our bunch of fisherman were kept on their toes.

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Frank from New York was quick to tell me how he boated about a total of eight Grouper but because of the “one per person” Gag permits handed out this morning….he had to throw all but one back. Twenty three passengers and twenty Gags were brought home along with seven beautiful Red Grouper.


Lots of fish were lost today according to Capt.Mitch. “many break offs”. The Gulfstar worked in 50-55 feet of water throughout the morning and afternoon.


Miss Pat was out with us for the first time. She does all kinds of fishing, but this was her first Grouper trip.


Jason joined us again as well. Poor guy had more of an adventure then he bargained for.

He was busy catching Grouper, Porgies and Grunts. When he put his rod and reel down for just a second and as he turned around to retrieve was GONE!


Witness say he had a huge hit and it was launched overboard like a rocket.  Mitch immediately put a jug on his pole to try and retrieve it from the area where it was “taken” from. But no luck!


The day wrapped up with a beautiful display from the dolphins and clearing skies.


It was “all good especially Joann’s cooking” commented one passenger. “The Grouper, the service and the dolphin entertainment made this a great day for us” replied another.

Captain Joy