Half day fishing was pretty good today. There were many kids aboard which always brings lots of action and excitement.


The entire boat was busy with the Grunts as well as an extra high number of Black Sea bass.

One passenger had a Spanish Mackerel hooked and while he was reeling it to the surface, Ryan reported about ten others following up as a group. “it was pretty cool” commented one fisherman.


One of the kids out with us today was very happy when he boated a small Gag. It was fun to catch, but sad to let go!


A Rudder fish was also one of the species caught today, as well as a Flounder a many Porgie.


Today also marked a historical event.. James Stewart, one of our well know deckhands,recently received his papers and made his fist drop as a Captain!!


He did awesome!! Twenty five feet of water..and lots of Grunts, Seabass, and Porgie!   Way to go “Captain”!

Captain Joy