This was middle grounds trip. 90 miles out and 90 feet of water. Capt. Mitch and Capt. James were at the helm. Our Good friend Chuck Jackson was out with us as well. The weather was pretty nice with on and off thunderstorms. There was a beautiful waterspout that kept our fisherman entertained. Joann captured some great footage and photos.

“Florin” saw some action with a huge Goliath Grouper on his line. While “Steve” who was out for his first time had a fantastic battle with a 6 foot nurse shark. They ended up with some beautiful Grouper.

“Chuck” hooked a gorgeous Red that we thought for sure would take the pool But “Juan” walked away with the win with his Gag. Actually. the joke on the dock was that “Juan” “won”!  He won the largest Mango as well. This trip produced mass quantities of enormous Mango Snapper, lots of B liners and Porgies. A handful of Gag & Red Grouper were also part of the tally as well as some nice Scamp.

Lots of happy faces departed the Gulfstar on this trip. Lots of fish too!!

Captain Joy

By the way, as I write this, Captain Rich is making his way to port with the new boat  “Sundance” She will be a welcome addition to the Gulfstar  family and will be used for half day fishing.