Another amazing day aboard the Gulfstar! The weather was absolutely beautiful and the crowd we had aboard was just as awesome.

After about an hour and a half of travel time, the fishing stayed active throughout the day.

25-20 feet of water were the average depths we were in which produced bountiful amounts of Gray Snapper, Porgies and many undersize Gag grouper that were tossed back.

(click here for pics)

Joann and Shane were kept busy on deck stringing fish as this group got in to the groove of  dropping their  lines and setting their hooks very quickly!

This time of year brings many tourists. And a three generation family from Iowa graced our presence today and eagerly let me know that they had a great time. They especially loved the family of dolphins that seem to be showing up and putting on a show around the same times every day.

Everyone exiting the dock had a nice bag full of filets to go home with and miles of smiles to go around. “we will definitely be back” shouted one gentleman as he waved good bye to me 🙂
Capt. Joy