It was a half day Christmas Grunt and Puffer fish fest today! We had a wee bit of a crowd, and it was just as exciting as if there was a boat load.

The weather was beautiful, and the dolphins made their presence known today which made our new friends Linda & Tracey from Minnesota thrilled to no end.

Linda was excited to have hooked up with a flounder while Tracey was amazed at the Pufferfish as it was full of air. Pretty cool stuff if you’re from the North and not used to seeing such things.

Captain Mitch stayed closer to the island today which proved to be a smart move because everybody caught more than enough fish today to have Christmas fish fries and then some!

Pufferfish or “blow fish” seemed to be hot. Many folks swear they are a delicacy, but our fishermen today would of rather eaten up all the delicious Grey Snapper they accumulated.  (click here for pics)


Lots of memories were made  for our vacationers this fine day. And on that note, we at the Gulfstar hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Captain Joy