Today wasnt a very “Florida like” weather day for our half day crowd. Even though the seas were fine, the cloudy and rainy skies were kind of a drag. It also rained off and on throughout the day.

All this did not make a bit of difference though. It ended up being a fun day of fishing for everybody.  Working his way close to “the barge”, Capt. Mitch commented on how impressed he was with today’s passengers. “they all fished hard, and it payed off”.

Grunts, Sea bass, some Porgie and throw back Gag grouper were all part of todays catch.

Stringers were pretty full  (see pics) and there were lots of happy people today.

The only suggestions I received today were weather related! “we want more sun” or “next time we request to have clear skies”

If I could make the sun stay out, I would! But hey..if this was the only complaint, I think we are doing pretty good here aboard the Gulfstar!

Capt. Joy