With the first sign of fall in the air, and eager passengers ready to go, we had a departure time ahead of schedule. The ride out was on the bumpy side according to Capt. Mitch. This didn’t stop our fisherman from getting right to the rail and start catching them up. The bite was a lively one with the preferred bait being thread fins, which proved to be very effective


Friday Night was productive with a load of Mangrove Snapper, Vermillion and few Red Grouper were picked up. It was great bottom to be fishing.” Lots of lost rigs “according to mate Ryan.

As the North winds continued to blow, the temps were cool and comfortable. Our patrons remained ambitious as they continued to fill the fish boxes and respective coolers. Saturday and Saturday night produced a good haul of Red Snapper. A large Black fin Tuna was also added to the collection. The excitement continued with several nice King fish with a whopper mixed in.


Only problem they had were those pesky sharks! They were in a frenzy. As Capt. Jerry says, Can’t stand those “Rig Eaters” “EIEIO Dag nab it!”  (Bringing in a half of an 8 lb Red Snapper gets pretty old like Capt. Jerry after a while)

Regardless, he managed to hook a pretty large one that gave him a nice fight.


Another trophy tuna was brought aboard on the last night. From a nice bunch of Amberjack to some beautiful Kingfish, this trip ended up being another good one.


After surveying the fisherman at the dock, One after another they were eager to comment on how awesome the trip/fishing was. One even said “It was catching NOT fishing!!!”


We received rave reviews today. And “Happy happy joy joy” seemed to be the disposition of all the passengers this trip… And that’s what we like to hear!

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Captain Joy