%%wppa%% %%photo=1379%%  With Tropical Storm Karen looming, we had some apprehensive passengers pacing the dock while checking in, we even lost a couple do to the forecast of possible high winds & seas. As the Gulfstar made its way to the mouth of the river, and in to the Gulf, there were clear skies and calm seas as far as the eye could see. At this point, the comments on deck were spoken with relief and it was pretty obvious that the weather was not going to be an issue.

With the storm being 350 miles to the West, the fish must of felt something in air or in this case the bubbles, because the first day was a big hit with a great Mango bite; they were tearing up the thread fins. Even some large size Red Grouper were caught along with some nice Scamp and Porgies. As the night fell, and the weather still beautiful, the Red Snapper came to life. They were hungry and active because we limited out with some nice size beauties.

As the sun came up and the weather still a hit, we were fishing in depths of 120-140 feet of water, you could say that day two was also a busy and successful one.. Our eager fisherman did a fantastic job, with plenty of nice size Mangos, large Red Grouper, the coolers full  of nice sized  Vermillion snapper. If you throw in a bunch of assorted reef fish, a couple of Kingfish, you’ve got yourself a nice catch, along with a school of happy passengers

Captain Mitch also reports seeing two mermaids riding a couple sea turtles!! Go figure. I think one was named Karen.

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Capt Joy G