As Jimmy Buffett would say “the weather is here, wish you were beautiful”!

We had a gorgeous weekend of fishing. (With a fantastic catch too)

According to Capt. Jerry day one was a wee bit on the slow side. But there was plenty of action.

While on the move between stops the fisherman trolled and hooked in to a whopper of a Sailfish. Even though we did not get to land the sailfish in the boat it was a spectacular show to watch as it did an awesome dance before breaking off.

A superb Blackfin Tuna was landed along with some magnificent sized Amberjacks.Doug Nail got hammered with a whopper!. “These Jacks kept us hustling for a while”one passenger commented.Saturday night rolled around with a gorgeous sunset. After devouring  Joann’s delicious chicken kabob dinner, bellies were full and the ambitious fisherman were right back into the groove.

It wasn’t long till the sharks made an appearance. Heavy sighs were heard around the boat each time one was brought to the surface. But as the mates broke them off, they must of gotten spooked because they vanished as fast as they appeared.

Soon after, the bite was on! One after another, the Red Snapper were flying in the boat. Before you knew it, they were limited out. Along with these nice size Red Snapper, plenty of sizeable Mangrove and Vermillion Snapper were also brought in. The Scamp were of amazing size and numerous this trip too. We were fishing depths of 180 feet of water which also graced us with a jumbo Yellow tail Snapper and a two awesome Kingfish.

Capt. Jerry reported sighting a sea turtle and sums this trip up as “real good one” (EIEIO)

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Captain Joy