Today, our trip departed at 11:00 AM for a five hour half day of fishing.

We had some fun and committed fisherman aboard.

There was one foursome, including a Mother/daughter team from New York.

It was Kathy, “the ballerina” who danced around each time she caught a fish. Janet her Mom (she caught the prettiest fish) Mary with the best tan and Nancy “the quiet one” These girls had a blast while keeping their their baskets full of fish, and the mates on their toes.

Moving towards the stern, we had a three generation team. “Grandpa” or” Pops” Jason Sr. & little Jason Jr. whom at four years of age, showed up the entire boat!

He caught one after another. From keeper Grouper to king size grunt! This boy could fish! (see pics)

Fishing in depths of thirty plus feet of water, we ended up with six keeper Red Grouper, and full stringers of Key West Grunt. A beautiful  Hog fish was also brought aboard along with a hand full of Porgies. And too many throw back Gags & Red Grouper to even try to count.

All in all it was an awesome trip!  The weather was perfect, the passengers were fun loving and the fishing was outstanding.    My favorite kind of day. 🙂

 click here for photos of this awesome trip!

Capt. Joy