The ride to the grounds took about a seven hours. With 4+ foot seas, the weather was better than the forecast predicted. The night began with a great Mango bite with some Porgys and Vermillion snapper mixed in.  Saturday’s bite gave us a steady pick of Red Grouper and Amberjack throughout the day. Porgies and Vermilion Snapper were also keeping our bunch busy.

There was some “live action” for one of our passengers. Nick Colello hooked up with a mystery monster. “for every ten feet I reeled up, that fish took another one hundred!”

He fought for a good hour, it went up, down  and sideways. Until it finally broke off.

The second night was as productive as the first,and as the day progressed, more excitement ensued.  Bill white landed a real nice Blackfin tuna.   “It was a hell of a fight”.  He also says that it was quite comical because it had tangled up a bunch of his fellow fishing buddies, so as the fish moved, they all moved as a group!

A beautiful Mahi was also landed along with a nice mess of sizable Kingfish.

Also caught were a bunch of jumbo Red Snapper. Safely released of course.

Capt. Mitch summarizes this trip as another good one.

“Except for one thing” he says…a fight broke out between him and a dolphin (the Flipper kind not Jesse or Jesse jr)

“every time I had a fish on,he would take it and run”!  Freaky!! click here for photos

Capt. Joy