Friday night’s trip departed with a light, eager bunch of fishermen.

The weather was deceiving due to the following sea. As soon as it was time to anchor up and turn in to the wind,the real weather conditions were revealed.

Nonetheless,it didn’t stop the group from catching em up. Live pinfish seemed to be the preferred bait as the night turned in to day.  Gags and Red Grouper were being brought in as well as an enormous amount of Mangos. (Keepers and throw backs)

Uncle & nephew duo Raleigh and Dentin (fondly nicknamed “the Mango brothers” by other passengers)proved to be the hard core team of this trip.

Even with the wind howling at 25 knots and the rain pounding, these two were dedicated to their fishing. Joann in the galley commented on how they would “pop in” for food and turn right around to get back at it!

Their hard work paid off with them going home with all three jackpots! Trifecta!

With the weather being as miserable as it was,we still managed to have a great catch:

Three beautiful Gags, many Red Grouper along with gobs of Mangos, some sizable Amberjacks,Porgies,(one monster) Scamp, a big Kingfish,Vermillion Snapper, Bonito,Mackerel even a giant American Red Snapper was caught and safely released. Also, a  very pretty Trumpet fish was brought to the surface. (see photos)

Capt. Mitch  had a giant Amberjack until a shark took everything but its head! (also in photo album)

The way in ended up being a better ride as conditions seemed to taper off a bit. Passengers were a tad “beat” when departing the boat tonight, but there was no denying the fact that most were thrilled with their catch!    click here to see the pics

Capt. Joy