Well lucky me, I got to go out on the boat yet again! On this beautiful Veterans day, we had a wonderful bunch of fun folks! The weather was perfect, and our anglers were ready!

We tossed out the final stern line around 11:00 AM and our day began. After a spectacular show from a family of dolphin, and an hour and fifteen minutes running time, we dropped our first line.

Fishing started out a bit slow until everyone got the hang of things. Then it was game on! We were in about 30 feet of water today and the fish were gobbling up both squid and Thread fins.

One by one, the grunts (Grey Snapper) were flying in the boat. With the grunts of course were the Grouper. Reds & Gags both were in abundance, but unfortunately, all but a handful were a bit too short to keep.

One of our new found fishing pals Kris Wedington and hubby Wallace (who doesn’t fish as well as his wife)  😉 incorporated her fishing trip into an assignment for her students. They were to guesstimate how many fish her and her group were going to bring in today.The winner is going to  receive a gift card. Awesome!

They caught about twenty grunt by the way and probably just as many throwbacks!


It was a perfect way to spend Veterans day. Thank you to all of our veterans for everything you have sacrificed for our freedom. God Bless America…

(click here for photos)

Capt. Joy