As noon approached on friday, the dock was filled with a group of 15 anxious anglers ready to depart for a three day fishing escapade. The ride out lasted 8 hours with the first stop at at 8:30 pm. line by line they were pulling in vermillion and mangrove snappers. Early Saturday morning started off by pulling in a MONSTER Gag weighing approximately 40 lb. “Oh the heartache” said one passenger.

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On Saturday during the drift, a huge  Kitty Mitchell and some  Snowy Grouper were brought in.  Al  caught Gianormous yellow edge He was so excited that he said that catching the Yellow edge has made his bucket list. He was STOKED! This fish  ended up being the Jackpot in the  Grouper category,

Beautiful size scamps were also caught at this time. Dean had luck on his side as he hauled in in the winning AJ during this drift as well. Not to mention that he also brought in the winning Mangrove Snapper. Woo hoo Dean!

And at Dawn, on Sunday morning it happened…… KINGFISH ATTACK!!!!

One after another the Kingfish were flying in. One of them fell victim to a Barracuda. Which in turn fell victim to Shane who free gaffed it right out of the water. THATS how thick they were.

The deck was a bloody mess at one point but it was an inviting scene because there was so adrenalin pumping. Everyone was pumped up!


When I asked Jerry to summarize the trip. He replied with his normal hilarity and commented about the strong tide, and said “it is what it is”  “but those Gags we had to throw back were slobs”


The fishing depths ranged from 180 feet up to 450 feet at the deepest point. The fish tore through all the bait but they didn’t seem partial to the live bait this trip.


Our group looked pooped when they got in on Sunday. But they all had plenty of fish to show for their exhaustion.

Captain Joy