Captain Jerry and Captain James were the duo working this deep water trip. And there was plenty of action to go around.

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Jason was back out with us again and he didn’t even lose his rod & reel this time! Instead, he clobbered the fish with a mix bag including a huge Scamp, loads of Mangrove Snapper, Red Grouper, Yellowtail Grouper, Porgies, Snowy Grouper, Tilefish. I am sure I may have left out a species but basically this was the scene set for the entire boat.


Tony and Brett were thrilled with their trip. Both caught monster Snowy Groupers. Tony went home with the jackpot under the largest Grouper category. Brett commented that this trip was “Epic” he hand cranked that Snowy during a forty min. drift in 800 feet of water!


The depth ranged from 220 feet up to 800 feet. The current was RELENTLESS making it difficult.  Tangles were inevitable which kept Ryan very busy. At one point, some passengers were using 6 lbs of lead!

“Moose” also had a successful trip. He showed me his hands that were blistered from catching so many fish. “I was tired, but it is a GOOD tired”. Included in his total was a beautiful size Queen Snapper (see photos)


Fred nabbed a nice Blackfin tuna. And the other jackpot winners were Doug with the largest Amberjack and Tim with a whopper Barjack that won him the prize for the largest edible fish.

He was a bit bummed out though because he thought that this was the “clothing optional” trip.

He hesitantly kept his clothes on the entire time.


Kevin had some excitement when he got rocked up. He could heard his rod cracking and it snapped. He still brought that Grouper in!


The Gags that were caught and released were AMAZING yet heartbreaking to have to throw back. (see photos)

This was another incredible trip. Everybody was thrilled with what they brought home. Happy faces and a beautiful fish were plentiful!

Captain Joy