Bananas or no bananas? Well for those who have never heard of this,bringing bananas aboard a fishing vessel is taboo. Supposed to be bad luck.

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Well, Fred C and his “bunch” swear otherwise because they claimed to be eating them while hauling in their incredible catch.


The weather on this trip was on the bumpy side. “the seas were up and down” said one passenger.”the fishing was great, and we didn’t mind the weather”


There were numerous fisherman who caught their limit. This included Jeremy (who also went home with the Largest Grouper prize)and Walter.

Jeremiah left with the largest  Snapper prize while Tony got the AJ category with a huge Amberjack.


Mike & Larry had a fantastic time as well. Larry had two beautiful Scamp. Mike who had a stroke just a week ago, was determined. And while still a bit weak from his recent health issue, he proved to be resilient with his great attitude and numerous number of Snapper caught.


Tony and John were aboard for the first time and had a blast. “the Captain put on us fish””and we will be back”  “John” gave Joann a hard time though throughout the trip by attempting to show off his strip tease performance to her.


Captain Jerry was content with this trip. As I chatted with passengers on the dock, I overheard him talking to Tony about the number of break offs that occurred. “80 lb test line was breaking off left and right” he says “my hook was straightened out by a mystery monster” commented Tony.


The weather was a rough but the fishing was decent on this go around. Great bunch of people aboard which always makes for an enjoyable time.

Captain Joy