The day begun with a 7:00 AM departure. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today.

Captain Mitch described it as “just lovely”.

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Included in today’s crew was James, Shane and Joann. 12 hours is going to feel like a half day to the crew I was thinking with the back to back multi day trips that they have been on in the last couple of weeks.


Anyhow, the fishing today was very picky  most of the day with a Gag here and there, some Grunts and Porgie.


The depths of water ranged from 50-65 feet of water with LOTS of gumbo to deal with as well.

On the very last drop, the action picked up as the Gags and Red Grouper bite came to life.

It was feast or famine today. Some folks caught their limit and THEN some and had to release a few, while others were lucky to pick off one fish the entire day. In the end, everybody was happy.


It was a decent trip with a total of 29 tagged Gag Grouper and 6 nice keeper Red Grouper.


We and a few newbies aboard today who had nothing but praise for the Captain and crew.


“ nice job”  said a departing fisherman “and we will be back”!

Captain Joy