The action started right out of the gate for our fisherman. While trolling on the way out, some small tuna were caught.

By 3:30 AM,they had arrived to the Swordfish area. By 3:50 Ravi Ande hooked in to a beauty using the 250 LB leader he had ready. The fish put up a great fight. And at an estimated 120 LBs. Ravi was POOPED!

Captain Jerry also reported that another Swordfish was swimming around the boat and that there were six additional “mystery bites” while all this was going on.

And not to forget the Wahoo that Zach Adams caught with his famous pink trolling plug! The same one he used to catch many Yellow fin tuna on last August’s 8 day tuna trip.


Way to go guys,keep it up!

Now off to the deep drop…………………