So, to continue… HOT is how they described it, this insane bite started in the first ten minutes of drifting.

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Brett had one on the hook but it had cut the line and it was gone. There were numerous hits and a few break offs. Ravi’s fish put on a nice show, it jumped twice and according to Captain Jerry, they either go down or go up. “this one went up”.

Ravi was all smiles telling me his “fish story”.  He had me laughing so hard. I rubbed his shirt for luck and he proceeded to tell me that he doesn’t catch fish and that “the fish catch him”

The weather was beautiful by the way and the depths of water ranged from 928 feet up to an astonishing 3,000 feet.

At about the 900 feet mark an enormous school of Tarpon was headed due West. Capt. Jerry did a double take with the binoculars and says that there was at least 500 plus of them that were a good 100 lb each. Awesome.

Ash, with his monster arms had some action with catching an amazing six Snowy Grouper at once. But wait…there was a snag, literally. He got tangled up with another person who had four Snowys  on HIS line. So technically he brought in TEN Grouper at once!  He also brought in a beautiful Mahi Mahi on the last stop.

Rob W. caught three triple tail, while the other Rob got “schooled”by the same Wahoo twice. Mike hauled in  a good size bonita along with a nice Snowy.

Speaking of Snowy Grouper…Jordan V is going to make the record books by having the first  largest Snowy recorded. His fish weighed in at 6.65 lb. A great fish to get that list started.

Dwaynes  Grouper took home the largest Grouper Jackpot while Ravi of course took home  largest edible category.

We had a newbie aboard named Travis who flew all the way from New Jersey to fish with us. He fishes up North and was thrilled to have this experience. He loved it.

This was another “great one” for the books. Lots of excitement and action. And most important lots of happy fisherman.

Captain Joy