“Captain Jerry is amazing” is what one passenger remarked when I asked how the trip was. “He got us home through some rough seas” The wind was gusting up to 40 knots on the way in, not to mention the rough seas on the way out and during the trip.

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Just another day at the office for Captain Jerry. I asked him to sum up the trip and he said

“it was rough, but a good trip” “would of been a GREAT trip if we would of boated that fish”


He was referring to the giant swordfish that John hooked. They estimated it to be a whopping 150 lbs. According to eyewitnesses, it was right to the surface when it broke off. Captain James described it to be one mean bastard! And the largest Swordfish that the Gulfstar has seen yet.


You can’t win them all though. It was an exciting highlight of the trip.

But also exciting were the other awesome fish caught including Yellowedge Grouper, Golden and Grey Tilefish,beautiful Queen Snapper, AJ  and Kitty Mitchell.


Andy blew out his electric reel.But he DID go home with the largest AJ which was huge and also took home the largest Grouper prize with a HUGE Kitty Mitchell. Andre went home with the largest edible fish category. The tail on his Mackerel was clipped by something on the fight to get him to the boat.


The depths of water ranged from 450 feet to 1200 feet. There was a boatload of fish and a boatload of happy fisherman once again aboard the Gulfstar.

Captain Joy