As Capt Ron approached me with today’s fishing report he had a big grin on his face announcing “Spring is finally here!” Of course I thought he was referring to the beautiful weather, instead he was talking about the consistent tight lines our anglers had from the moment they dropped at the first spot. A perfect south wind and the tide helped everyone bring in some nice quality and sized gray snapper grunts, black sea bass, throwback triggerfish and even an almost 7 ft Tiger Shark! As it was being reeled in, the unhappy predator got a look over the bow and then made his escape. Because of it’s fondness for human flesh, that is one fish I’m sure all were grateful we did not boat!

The day was filled with happy people, lots of laughs and moments of excitement. As I watched today’s fishing families head to their cars, shouts of compliments and joy were shared as well as a couple of fish stories.

YaY… Spring is Here and apparently, so are the fish!

Happy Fishing,


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