With Christmas being only three days away, you would never know it here in Florida!

The Temperatures reached the mid eighties by afternoon which makes fishing an inviting prospect!

We had a smaller group aboard today on the five hour. They were very happy departing the boat this afternoon. One bunch was lead by Bill, Kevin & John. Their family & friends had a blast catching up the Grey Snapper, A few Sea bass were also caught along with a handful of Porgies.

(Click here for photos)

Captain Mitch reported a few Gags were brought in also, but of course released safely back to the Gulf.  “we fished in about 30 feet of water today” he commented.

Shane, one of the mates was “off duty” today and put a dent in the Grunt population. He was headed to a friend’s house for a fish fry tonight.

Kyle, who also fished with us today ,was grinning ear to ear as he skipped all the way home with his cooler full of filets!
While speaking to many departing passengers, it was made very clear to me that everyone fishing with us on this warm December day, was impressed with the Captain & crew and  that they all had a fantastic day!   🙂


Capt. Joy