Departure time was 8:00 Pm on Thursday evening. We had an enthusiastic bunch aboard. There were our usual suspect, Carlos, Tim, Paul, Mike  along with a few other regulars.

This time around we also had a new fun bunch of friends that joined us. They came from all over, the East Coast, South, North and West Florida. They had a blast. They commented on how impressed they were with the service. ” Captain, crew and cook were outstanding”! “Captain Mitch is great” “He put us on a good Snapper hole”!

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Second Captain James reported that the fishing areas were West of the Middle Grounds ranging from 100 to 185 feet of water through out the trip.

“We were working shallow water on the last night” he commented. The catch was amazing! The Red Snapper bite was ON. Some beautiful Gags and Red Grouper were also caught along with great quantities of  jumbo Mangrove Snapper and Porgies. A bunch of Scamp and even a nice Mackerel were part of the final tally.


Keith Roberts also had a great trip. He took home both the Snapper and Grouper jackpot all while raving about his little girl “Sunny Marie” : )

He was the “comic relief” of the trip according to other passengers, doing his fish dance and cutting up. That’s one happy Daddy!

Another occurance was a HUGE school of Tarpon rolling in to shore on the way it. “Five miles worth” of fish commented one passenger,

And last but not least was Tim who desperately tried to get Joann to join him for a shower. As usual, all attempts failed and he was forced to shower solo.


Captain Joy