Today our cast was an interesting one. The Gulfstar sported a nice almost capacity crowd. Captain Jerry had some car issues and could not make it as scheduled, so at the last minute, our passengers and crew were graced with the presence of our Commander and Chief..Captain Rich!

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At his side was Captain James and our resident favorites, Ryan And Shane.  The weather was beautiful but the fishing proved to be on the tough side.  Trying his usual best to please his customers, Capt Rich moved from place to place searching for some action.

Finally, he decided to make a run to deeper water. He ended up in about 45 feet of water where  the bite was finally on.

The day ended up being a great success. Captain James did a marvelous job docking the boat as Captain Rich watched and teased over the PA. Customers were happy and had nothing but praise for the Captain owner and crew. “the catch was great and the crew was the best” said one couple as they departed the boat.

Captain Joy