Various depths ranging from 280 to 575 feet, made for a very productive fishing trip. Gorgeous Gags, Kitty Mitchells, Queen Snapper, Snowy & Yellow Edge Grouper, B-liners or Vermilion Snappers and Tile fish. Big variety!July 6th 2015 Pully Ridge (24)July 6th 2015 Pully Ridge (37)

There was even a “Misty” or “Convict Grouper”(because of its striped pattern) which is not commonly captured. Carlos was the lucky recipient of this very cool fish.July 6th 2015 Pully Ridge (45)

Darius won both the Tile fish AND Snapper prizes while Scott took home prize money with his jumbo Kitty Mitchell.

Passengers departed happy with plenty of filled coolers and many fish tales to go around.

Capt. Joy