While the rain seemed to go on forever onshore offshore, passengers and crew reported that conditions were nothing in comparison. A rough ride out some clouds, a few raindrops and  even sunshine at times.

There was one wave the snuck up, and washed the deck and Shane down as Joann giggled in the background.July 17th 2015~52 HR Golden Grounds Trip (2)

Regardless, fishing was fantastic. Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Yellow Edge, Scamp, Strawberry Grouper, Tile fish , Mackerel and Porgies.

Randy took the jackpot for largest Grouper with his gorgeous Yellow Edge and Rich won with his mighty Mangrove Snapper.July 17th 2015~52 HR Golden Grounds Trip (15) July 17th 2015~52 HR Golden Grounds Trip (7)

This turned out to be another great experience for our fisherman. Happy times and loads of fish!


Capt. Joy