It was a six hour ride out to the grounds. The weather was pretty good with a few thunderstorms lurking around.They started out in about 150 FT of water.

The bite was slow but steady to begin with. Picking off some nice fish, Captain Mitch decided to move out a bit further past the Grounds to get some American Red Snapper. Within a few hours and stops, the quota was almost met. Many were very large along with some beautiful size Gags as well. (34″)

Adding to the excitement with this great stretch of fishing, a 9 ft. Hammerhead was hooked.  Very ominous looking and safely released.

As day time turned in to night, the Mango bite started. Six pounders, all very nice size and hungry for the threadfin. Trigger fish, Scamp, Red Grouper and  Mackerel were some of other species that were biting on this trip.

Within a few hours, one hundred plus  sizable Mangos, along with some Porgies and Vermillion Snapper were coming in steady. Everyone was pleased with the steady flow of fishing that was happening and all had a very nice ride home compliments of the gorgeous weather  and the “Super Moon” above.


Capt. Joy