Our hosting Captains on this adventure were Cat. Jerry and Capt. James.  James was also working the deck with Ron & Ryan. Joann and Emily were also aboard as cook , media, and fart machine specialists. The weather was picture perfect for the 18 hour ride out.  Trolling was included while heading out and some Bonita were caught during the process (which made for perfect Warsaw bait)

Our fisherman were divide in to four teams of three. Starting out in 550 feet of water, the Warsaw hit the Bonita right off the bat. Two monsters were caught as well as a  shark. After all the action here, Capt. Jerry continued out further working in the 900 to 1200 feet range. Here a nice load of Tilefish were caught.

On day two, the bite started out slow but by the end of the day, our Gang was busy with an impressive collection of fish which included Golden Tile, Snowy Grouper, Kitty Mitchell, Yellow Edge and a few Queen Snapper.

Day three brought more beautiful weather. “like glass” is how Capt.. Ron described it. By now, the Gulfstar was in 1500 feet of water which yielded much bigger versions of the current catch. Large Tilefish and Grouper.  While Sword fishing  during the night, one was spotted but no hit. A Blackfin Tuna was caught and bled out which caught the eye of a 10 ft.  Mako that ended up circling the boat. More Queen Snapper were boated as well.

The final day was a troll home.  A White Marlin was jumping and a Blue Marlin hit the troll but ended up getting off. It was a very successful trip.

A true “Giant” themed trip ! Monster Warsaw Grouper, huge Queen Snapper, deep water Grouper. The Tile fishing was compared to Grunt fishing. And many were very big. Mahi Mahi,were also in the bag as well as Golden Tile Blue line Tile, Toro and Kitty Mitchell.

Hats off to Lester and Tom who hand cranked EVERY  fish they caught in that very deep water!


Capt. Joy