Wow…… The weather has caused us to cancel three offshore trips in a row. The Gulfstar did get out on a near shore grouper trip and had lots of action but not too many keepers. A few Amberjacks made it to the fish box along with some pretty bog red grouper but the really frustrating part was all of the big Gag grouper and red snapper that had to be released due to the closed season. I guess the good thing is that they are there waiting for opening day to arrive.

The Halfday boat has been catching GREAT when the weather allows us to get away from the dock. Captain James Reports that fishing has been really good right on the tide change with about two hours of locknload action. He also reports that he has decided to get married this April to Perry the daughter of our famous galley chef Joann. I didn’t ask James where they were going to go on the honeymoon but I am pretty sure that I know what he will be fishing for when he gets there with his new bride.

The Gulfstar will be fishing this weekend on the Florida Middle Grounds as it looks like the weather is going to give us a reprieve. Stay tuned for the report.

Captain Rich