Gorgeous weather. Just a bit of chill in the air and tons of Florida sunshine. On the shady side of the boat it was cool, on the sunny side…hot.  So either you had goose bumps  or you were getting a nice tan.


Fishing was so/so today. We were in about 45-50 feet of water. The fish finder was lit up but catching those sea monsters was difficult. Getting an anchor heading today was virtually impossible. Factor in the cold water temperatures and you have conditions slower than desired.


We did catch some nice fish though. When the boat would swing in our favor, the Grunts would fly in the boat. BIG ones! (click here for pics)


A throwback Gag was captured and a handful of Red Grouper were also caught. (all too small or out of season) Some Seabass, pretty good size Porgie,and a few entertaining blow fish (always good for a giggle)


We also had our local dolphin family showing off and I managed to snap some FANTASTIC shots. Check out today’s album that include these photos and some of the day’s catch.

Captain Joy