It was a much better day as far as the fishing or”catching” is concerned. We were landlocked yesterday due to high winds. This kept the water on the dirty side again but the fish were ready to eat on this trip.

Plenty of Grunt action kept or bunch busy today along with some pretty nice Gags (that had to go back) and  even some “shortie” Red Grouper.


The weather seemed breezy on land,but the seas were “calm as could be” commented one passenger.Captain Jerry worked in the 40 ft of water range throughout the day.


“Rob” one of our frequent expert fisherman was describing an occurrence as some Mackerel showed up and were chasing his sinker up to the surface. He was not alone as another passenger told me the same story. (click here for pics)


“Jamie L” and “David”  drove from the Gainesville area to fish with us today. They had a fantastic time and complimented the Gulfstar on their “amazing” crew.


Everyone seemed to have had a fun and productive experience.  Hopefully tomorrow will be just as fun, if not even better!  🙂

Captain Joy