This was an unforgettable experience for our group of fisherman and crew. The trip started out with perfectly calm weather and a slight breeze on the way out. The bite the majority of the time was slow. Even though at every stop the bottom machine was showing plenty of fish. Picky picky.

Captain Mitch worked very hard and covered a lot of territory, From the Elbow to 40 fathom break and when they hit the Middle Grounds, the site was heartbreaking, as the red tide was strongly evident.

There were many different species covering the surface including thousands of Lionfish, Amberjack, Angelfish and Grouper. Some very huge.

The smell was awful and it was astonishingly spread out as well, an estimated 80 by 50 mile area. It took a while and after a long run to escape the seemingly never ending nightmare, some “live” fish were finally found.

The last few hours of the trip produced a steady mango bite. The average sizes were about 5 pounds. Also include in the total tally were lots of Porgies and Scamp, Kingfish,Amberjack and Strawberry Grouper.

The ride home brought some stormy weather as some water spouts showed up to the party. Dockside departure there was still a huge downpour as the guys had to clean fish in the rain.

Pete got lucky with a HUGE 8lb Porgy, while Chris took home largest Amberjack and Andre got the largest Mango jackpot.

This was a tough trip, but it was evident that both the Captains and crew worked hard and made this a great trip for the customers.


Captain Joy






It was a tough one, but Captains and crew worked very hard and made it work.