It was a later than expected departure but the boat was underway by early afternoon on Friday.  Captains Jerry and James were at the helm while working the deck we had Ryan, Emily and Capt. James as well. Joann also worked the deck while keeping everyone’s bellies full.

“She’s the best cook on the best boat” commented one of our regular customers. The fishing was also pretty darn good. Brothers James & Brett were out and caught many different species. Including a nice size Sailfish, winning Queen Snapper (Snapper Jackpot category) and winning size Tile fish. Eric took home the largest Grouper jackpot with a 25 LB Snowy Grouper. He would of also taken 2nd place if there was one with yet another whopper weighing in at 24 LBS.

A highlight of the trip were the two Giant Warsaw Groupers that were boated.  118 & 107 pounds. AWESOME fish!


Rich Long took home a beautiful Mahi while Zacks’s cooler included a Tuna, Wahoo and Skipjack. Porgies, HUGE Vermillion Snapper, Kitty Mitchell, Golden Tile. and Gray Tile were also part of the vast variety of fish brought home aboard the Gulfstar.

Captain Jerry reported  average depths of 800 feet. At the deepest end, while Sword fishing was around 1500 feet. Speaking of Captain Jerry, he was voted

“BB” or “Best Booty” of the Gulfstar crew. This is after many months of interviewing many  returning customers.One frequent fisherwoman, who choses to remain anonymous, stated that “Capt. Jerry has the junk in the trunk that I like”

Way to go Jerry!


Captain Joy