Holey Queen Snapper!! The Gulfstar brought in a big number of theses beauties on this trip. 280 to 540 feet was the range of fishing grounds.August 3 2015 Ultra limited  8 pass 3 Day Pully Ridge (24)

While limiting out on the Red Snapper, at the same time the rest of the catch was incredible as well. Along with the Snapper were  B Liners, Porgies, Tilefish. Black fin Tuna, Scamp, Yellow Edge Grouper, Snowy Grouper and huge Amberjack.

Dean’s monster Snowy took home the Grouper jackpot while the very delightful Norm, took home the prize for his winning Tilefish.August 3 2015 Ultra limited  8 pass 3 Day Pully Ridge (51)

The last stop produced one of the best bites, but unfortunately, the sharks seemed to outnumber the hook ups. Many nice fish were reported lost due to the  frenzy. (A couple of them were up to 8 feet long)

This was a fantastic trip with a fantastic catch!

Capt, Joy