Capt. James reports gorgeous weather and flat calm seas were the backdrop for our 1st 12hr Grouper/Snapper trip of the season. Although always hopeful, there is a skepticism that shadows catching predictions for Grouper when the Gulf of Mexico’s waters are as warm as a baby’s bath, but the uncertainty was quickly put to rest. Our 15 anglers saw plenty of elbow bending action throughout  the day catching more than a few hundred Key West Grunts, some Black Sea Bass, several forbidden Red Snapper & Triggerfish and 40+ Red and Gag Grouper. Unfortunately many of them were just short of legal size and returned to the sea but not before planting seeds of anticipation for an active Grouper season when the Gulf has cooled down a little bit. Our next 12 Hour Trip is on October 18th and will continue every Wednesday after that through the end of the year.

Allan G. caught the Jackpot Gag Grouper!

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