Today saw the return of some old friends to shallower waters. The numbers on the Red Snapper were like none we’ve seen, in this close, in a long time. With a 200 count jumping on board and almost 100 Gag Grouper joining them, our fishermen/women had trouble saying goodbye. Even  the Amberjack count was well over 100 but most were undersized and had to be returned to the sea. Fortunately, there was plenty of other delicious reef fish to take home for dinner. Definitely one of our most successful “catching” trips of the last few 12 and 16 hour trips. Also, I should mention that there were only 12 customers on the boat.  The best part was the preview we got of the fish that are out there to catch AND keep, in season and when they are a little bigger! Who knows? Maybe they’ll move in even closer, stay and become a part of our 1/2 day fishing action. We can dream… Can’t we???